If your baby is well and you are well and ready to change your present sleep management, have a partner or family support on this and ready to be consistent for a week or so, I am ready to help you.  Phone or email me and I can usually see you within a week of you getting in touch.

Home Visit

Contact SleepNanny and we will arrange an appointment for a mutually suitable visit to your home, ideally timing for the likely day-time sleep of your baby.

During the visit we would discuss amongst other things, a sleep/feed/play/sleep routine, tired signs and learning to act on these, aiming for baby self-settling consistently around the clock.

The key to success is your commitment to being consistent and persistent, making for renewed joy and confidence in your parenting.

Follow-up Phone Calls

I am committed to remaining in contact with you until you no longer require my services. Clients can always call me if they have any concerns following the visit and I always make follow-up phone calls.

I love hearing your success stories.