Margaret Farmer - Photograph by Sara Taylor Photography

Hi, welcome to the SleepNanny website!

I’m Margaret Farmer, Maternal and Child Health Nurse and SleepNanny.

If you live in the Geelong area and you have a baby or young child with sleep difficulties, I would like to help you.

Family life is so much better when everyone is getting the sleep they need.



We are now hopefully coming out on the other side of the COVID-19 pandemic and Victorian people are setting about resuming their normal lives. Many Geelong, Melbourne and regional Victorian babies have been born into, or spent much of their so far short existence in unusual family life. That is, circumstances where parents were at home more, more anxious and stressed due to physical, mental or financial issues, social isolation and lack of support, home- schooling etc,etc.


Some parents may say it was a nice quiet less-pressured lifestyle while others would say they longed for the crazy busy activity-packed days. Talking to mums and grandmum friends of mine, I’m told about their “Covid babies”- babies who are now struggling with phasing back to normality, showing symptoms such as stranger fear, separation anxiety, clinginess etc. 

Whilst there is no doubt that Covid isolation has contributed to this kind of behaviour and response in babies, l am also pretty sure that it’s symptomatic of sleep difficulties. When you’ve had a baby who for months and months has been in very close proximity to mum, day and night, soothed to settle to sleep and to re-settle, often fed to sleep or to go back to sleep, then, all of a sudden is expected to self-soothe or be soothed by another carer, there is going to be upset, anxious, tough times!! 


And there will be more crying, more tiredness and sookiness, clinging to mum, turning away from anyone or anything new, not enjoying food much, refusing the breast unless in a quiet place, finding it hard to play for very long, needing constant entertainment, and struggling to sleep any other way except with mum.


Anyway, I’m just saying that baby sleep difficulties are very common and not surprisingly worsened by Covid. There is help available and your beautiful “Covid baby” can learn to live, and sleep, in a normal pandemic free world. So, reach out if need it and find something that sounds right for you and your baby.

   Good luck and good sleep!!

Wishing you good health and necessary sleep.